About Us

We at Feather Wear Shop are the same designers, sewers and customer service team that have been outfitting your birds since the original Avian Fashions. We are also excited to announce the return of one the inventors of the Flocksuit to work alongside us.

We're proud to announce that the same great quality Avian Fashions products such as the full range of Feather Protectors for feather plucking birds, bird fashion Hoodies, T-Shirts and Flocksuit chicken diapers that you know and have come to expect are now available for purchase at Feather Wear Shop.

Due to economic pressures, Avian Fashions by Bird Nerd has come to an end. The same products are sold by the same former owners, but there are now two separate platforms for products.

The Original Flightsuit bird diaper, along with leashes and clearance items are still available on www.avianfashions.com.

We hope you will continue to entrust your Feather Babies to our knowledgeable and experienced hands.